Secret Escapes

Operating in 21 countries worldwide, Secret Escapes is the UK’s biggest members-only website that runs best-in-market flash sales for four-and five-star hotels and holidays.


Secret Escapes

My role

Lead Designer




User research, design sprint, prototyping, user interface design, user interviews, leadership.


Brief and approach

Whilst working at Secret Escapes we were given the opportunity to work in conjunction with our investors GV (formally Google Ventures) on a Design Sprint.

The Design Partners at GV had been conducting design sprint’s for years for their portfolio companies. The timing of our sprint was in conjunction with the pending release of the book ‘Sprint’ (written by GV Design Partners Jake and JZ).

Our big problem at Secret Escapes was our mobile website. Neglected for years, and with conversion at an embarrassing level, it was time to get everyone in a room and crack how we could improve our mobile experience.

With the guidance of Jake, JV, Daniel and Michael, we spent 5 days workshopping, designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with Secret Escapes customers. Overall, the prototype presented was very successful. Some ideas that we thought we do really well, didn’t do so well. Which goes to show the purpose of the process and why it’s so successful amongst the design community.

Goldilocks quality. Create a prototype with just enough quality to evoke honest reactions from customers.

Jake Knapp, GV Design Partner.

On completion of the sprint the co-founders were keen to ensure this process was not just a one time thing. We followed up with a skeleton team looking at the patterns that could be improved, which we tested with a mini-sprint. We felt towards the end of the process we were confident to go to market with the improvements. We followed on with several other sprints there on after for various projects across the company to great success.