Virgin Care Private

Pay-as-you-go health and wellbeing services.


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My role

Senior Product Designer




User research, user interviews, prototyping, user interface design.


Brief and approach

Virgin Care have recently gone into the private health care sector in the UK after working in conjunction with the NHS (National Health Service) for many years. Slightly clouded on where this new brand should sit in the market, and what customers expectations are when booking online, we conducted a user research study to help steer and clarify any assumptions in order to make this new brand launch as successful as possible.

In order for confidentiality, we presented our research candidates with a prototype with a different brand - Fortune Health. We didn’t want people’s opinions and views to be clouded knowing the product they were critiquing was part of Virgin. We wanted to get unbiased patterns without brand influence.

We walked away with some solid patterns from the day’s session that we always referred back to throughout the design and development process of the project. Below are some screens used for the session.