Volvo V40 R-Design

Promotion of Volvo's new V40 R-Design on behalf of Secret Escapes. Designed around you.


Dark Blue on behalf of Secret Escapes

My role

Senior Product Designer




Project management, user interface design, icon design, prototyping, digital marketing asset creation, email marketing.


Brief and approach

Secret Escapes and Volvo teamed up to promote the brand new Volvo V40 R-Design, offering Secret Escapes members the chance to win complimentary use of the car during a UK break. They asked us to design and build the website to bring it all to life.

The tagline and theme around the new Volvo is ‘designed around you’, so for the campaign we built a personalised hotel selector. We asked users 4 fun questions about their ideal break and then presented them with their perfect hotel based on their answers. To take the fun up to 11, we designed a custom icon set so we could use a unique icon for each answer.